School Is Almost Over! How Is Your Child Doing?


At the beginning of the school year I shared a post titled “6 Tips That Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Kids This School Year“. Well, I am checking in with you again to see if you followed through with these tips. School is almost over. How are things going? If your child is struggling, don’t worry you may still have time to turn things around. So, let’s get started with your action plan!

  • Contact your child’s teachers to get grade reports for all of your child’s classes. I would also recommend that you contact your child’s school counselor with this same request. Teachers can get pretty busy, so if needed the counselor can follow-up with them. Most schools have a 24 hour response process. Hold them to it. If your child is not doing well, time is of the essence. Also, you do have the right, as a parent, to request weekly updates on your child’s progress. This is now easier to do with things like Edline/Blackboard.
  • If your child’s school uses Edline/Blackboard, make sure that you are registered and able to receive updates every time your son or daughter’s teacher enters grades.
  • Pull together resources such as tutors for subjects that your child is struggling in. Many high schools have student groups that offer tutoring during lunch, before and after school. Also, check on teacher office hours to see when they are available to help your son or daughter.
  • Do not fall for the “I do not have homework” line. I use to tell my students, and their parents on Back To School Night, that there is ALWAYS homework. I may not have given them an actual assignment but there was always something to study. This is why teachers give students a syllabus in middle and high school. The syllabus allows both parents and students the opportunity to look ahead and prepare for upcoming units. All textbooks now have an online version with activities, practice quizzes and tests. The web activities and websites can be found in the bottom left or right hand corner of the textbooks. For example, I use to teach Spanish. At the bottom of every other page there was a little box with the website and a code for the online activity  that matched the textbook activity. I used Realidades by Pearson-Prentice Hall . Take a look at how their online textbook is set up by clicking here.
  • If your child still claims to not have any homework, give him YOUR homework and follow-up with the teacher to see what he/she should be studying to get ahead.
  • Many parents are not aware of just how high-tech things are now. It is still possible to hire a tutor to come to your house, but you also have the option of hiring a trained to tutor via Skype or other virtual classroom settings (Note: I have not tried any of the virtual classroom sites so please do your homework and checkout any company that you are interested in.)
  • My all time favorite go to site for my students was always YouTube. Below I have included random links to tutoring videos. I always uploaded lesson videos to my Edline so that students could look at what we would be learning ahead of time or for those students who were home sick.  All you need is the title of what your child is studying (ex. quadratic equations, AR Spanish verbs, etc).

Examples of YouTube tutoring videos:

~ Algebra

~ Geometry

~ Spanish

~ (I have not tried this site but the commercial looked very interesting.)

I sincerely hope that this follow-up post was helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am no longer teaching or working as a school administrator, however I am still a certified teacher and Assistant Principal in the state of Maryland & Florida. I plan to home school my child for various reasons. So, yes I still have trillions of resources for all subjects! :-)


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  1. Stopping by from SITS Sharefest and as a former teacher I love the tips that you shared with parents about how to make sure their kids finish the school year strong!

    • Thank you! I remember those days when at the end of the semester or school year parents and students would come to me asking what they could do to improve their grades.

      • My students always came to me with like two weeks left asking for as much extra credit as they could get before the year ended!

      • Oh that use to boil my blood. Let’s see…you spent the entire semester skipping or sleeping my class and now I should magically come up with extra credit. Our school district in Maryland took away extra credit options. That was a lifesaver. It’s a bit different here in Florida.

  2. Very helpful post. My sophomore is one of those ones who always has the “I don’t have any homework” excuse and then I will find out that he is missing 4 or 5 assignments. I wish we did have a much better high-tech option. My boss in Phoenix has great tools for her daughter (even including a phone app) and I have exactly the same lame website tools I had for his older brother – 10 years ago! #SITSSharefest

    • Thank you for stopping by! :-) Yes, high school students were my special little cherubs. Everyday at the beginning of class I had them copy down the homework. The next day I would only receive maybe 10-15 from 34 kids. My favorite was when I passed out worksheets and found several on the floor after class. Email works great. Especially for documentation purposes. In our county we had to notify parents immediately if their child had a D or lower. I use to leave mine open during class and the little beep would make a few kids jump. They knew that it could possibly be their mom or dad writing to see if they turned in their hmwk. Oh the look of relief when I went over to my computer and it wasn’t their mom or dad! hahaha I never embarrassed anyone. I would either make eye contact or pull them aside at the end of class.

  3. I had to make my husband stop looking at the grades everyday online. Our children kept getting into trouble for not completing assignments – but not because they didn’t complete them, but because the teacher hadn’t entered them into the online grading portal yet. My husband just couldn’t understand how teachers could possibly NOT have 100+ papers graded and entered into the system within 4 hours of assignments being turned in (*rolls eyes at husband)

    Instead, we changed to looking at grades on Monday night for the week before. This gave the teachers actual time to grade and update grades.

    But now that the school year is almost over? The boredom is sitting in – the children are really starting to bully – and I am thinking about homeschooling my youngest. Not because of the teachers but because of the other children!

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